Find Hidden Space in Your Home

A couple of years ago my husband and I purchased a new house. Well, new to us at least. It was built in 1948 and had not had much done to it since. While we could not upgrade the whole house, we decided the kitchen would be a great place to start. We put in new cabinets and appliances (I was not sure how the current oven would even fit a whole turkey at Thanksgiving!). My husband designed out the layout for the cabinets including pull out pan and cookie sheet drawers but one of his best ideas was to put shallow cabinets on an open wall.


He used the depth of the wall to create more storage, similar to a medicine cabinet. It was perfect! It is an ideal place for spices and cooking oils. The depth also worked for all my mason jars full of baking supplies. This concept could be used in almost any room, from storing jewelry in the bedroom to art materials in a crafts room or office. If I can easily get to things and put them away, it helps them stay where they belong!

Here is a link to creating a wall niche from the DIY network. I could not find specific instructions for a cabinet, but this should get you pretty close. Have any of you used this method of storing before? If so, add to the comments below. I would love to hear other ways this idea has been used!