About Us

We are two sisters who live miles apart (3879 miles to be exact) but have always loved working together.  We both have a passion for making our homes, kids, work, and life in general more organized!  The goal is to find more calm as mothers and wives which ultimately will result in more fun and adventure for our families.  In addition to being physically far apart we also come from different perspectives.  One of us is a Dallas mom of two who works full time in the corporate world as an IT Director and loves a good spa retreat.  The other is an adventure seeking mom of three in Alaska who does freelance work as a writer when IMG_1377 (1)not out hiking the mountains in her backyard with her “nuggets”.

Clutter-Free Calm was created as a way for us to stay connected while sharing some of our favorite ideas.  We hope we can help those out there looking for more space in a day and age where digital is everywhere.  We don’t try and eliminate the digital aspects of our lives but do try and find ways to bring back some of those simpler times we remember from our youth.

We love our visitors and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.